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Maju Camp

Last modified: 31 May 2011, submitted by: Joker

Country: Singapore   

Latitude: 1° 19' 45" N     Longitude: 103° 46' 19" E

Area use / Military Branches: 2 PDF/6 SIR; 24 SIB


Maju Camp; home of
- 2nd Peoples Defence Force / 6th Singapore Infantry Regiment.
- 24th Singapore Infantry Brigade

The only 24/7 deployed force, 6 SIR is a unit renowned for its courageous, strong and dedicated soldiers, ideally personified by the Spartans, the characters chosen to represent the unit. 6 SIR was established 1968 and based in Taman Jurong Camp under command of 3 DIV.
In 1995,6 SIR was placed under command of HQ 10 SIB as part of 9 Division and the unit shifted to Selarang Camp.
In 2004, the unit was transferred to the command of HQ 2 PDF and relocated to Maju Camp.
In 2006, the unit officially turned operational becoming the only Active Protection of Installation (POI) battalion in the army.
Bearing the motto of “Tough and Effective”, the Spartans unit is operationally ready and deployed 24/7 well poised to rise up to all challenges.

24th Singapore Infantry Brigade was established in 1985 as the 4th People's Defence Force Brigade Group and was redesignated as 24 SIB in 1990 under the command of the newly formed 1st People's Defence Force Command HQ. The Bde HQ has moved from the former People's Defence Force HQ located at Beach Road Camp to Maju Camp.
24 SIB is now under command of 3rd Division, following our Army's transformation efforts in 2004. 3rd Division is a Combined Arms Division that 24 SIB has been affiliated with for many years and will continue to grow in tandem,

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