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USSR SS-12 base Wokuhl

Last modified: 08 Sep 2015, submitted by: xklax

Country: Germany    Region: MV

Locale: Wokuhl Dabelow gegend

Latitude: 53° 16' 26" N     Longitude: 13° 16' 3" E

Area use / Military Branches: Aufgelöst


Die SS-12M Scaleboard war eine zweistufige Feststoffrakete mit einer Recihweite von 930 Kilometer, designed as a mobile weapon to give theatre (front) commanders nuclear strike capability.
The Soviet Forces were the only operators of the SS-12. It was also placed in countries of Warsaw Pact for example Königsbrück (19x), Bischofswerda (8x), Waren (22x) and Wokuhl (15x) in East Germany. Its active reach from there covered whole West Germany, parts of Scandinavia, France and Benelux

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xklax | 20. March 2011 18:42

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Some People get the Shooting Range of the "Jägerkaserne" of Marburg

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