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5.☢ RVSN Teykovo

Last modified: 08 Jan 2021

Country: Russia   

Latitude: 56° 56' 2" N     Longitude: 40° 32' 58" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Teykovo, 54 Guards Missile Division under 27 Guards Missile Army command is operating SS-27 missiles.(9x per regiment)

- 235 Msl Regt at 5642'14"N 4026'25"E
- 285 Msl Regt, unit # 12416 since 2010 operating the new SS-29 (RS-24) Yars msl at grid 5648'32"N 4010'15"E
- 321 Msl Regt at 5655'59"N 4032'40"E
- 773 Msl Regt, unit # 07399 reassigned from 39 Msl Div since 2011 operating the new SS-29 (RS-24) Yars msl at 5655'0"N 4018'31"E
- 857 mobile cmd point Teikovo RVSN
- 289 comms ctrl
- 865 det c3 grp
- 2426 tech msl grp

SS-27 (Topol Mobile) and RS-24 Mobile Msl Complex. SS-27 or Topol-M, is a ground based solid propellant ICBM incorporating modern designs. The missile may be launched in both fixed and mobile modes.

SS-27 covers the overall USA. Deployment makes it practically impossible to prevent launch and current ABM technology is insufficient to prevent its impact. As a solid propellant design, it may be maintained on alert for extended periods of time and may be launched within minutes. Its single 550 kT warhead may wipe out cities. Combined with its survivability, SS-27 is not only an ideal retaliatory asset but also a 1st strike weapon!

By developing the guidance technology a single warhead would be sufficient to destroy a single missile silo. Placement of Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicles (MIRVs) would allow destruction of entire missilegroups. SS-27 design is MIRV-compatible, though it must sacrifice its ability to penetrate ABM defenses. The mobile TEL launched SS-27 will carry 4 to 6 warheads along with decoys, meaning the same capacility for a silo-launched version.

SS-27 and RS-24 missile systems have been developed at the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology. Sile based deployment was in 1997. The mobile version following in 2006. In 2007 Russia began tests of a MIRVed version of the Topol-M mobile missile, which was designated RS-24. Deployment of this missile began in 2010.

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