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Last modified: 07 Feb 2011, submitted by: Joker

Country: Serbia   

Latitude: 44° 53' 30" N     Longitude: 20° 39' 15" E

Area use / Military Branches: Special Bde


Serbias Special Brigade is an elite unit of SAF continuing the tradition of antiterrorist, reconnaissance, paratrooper and diving units.
Its units subordinate units are based in Pancevo and Nis and comprise:
- 63rd Paratroop Brigade (Hawks)
- 72nd Special Brigade (Cobras)
- 82nd Recon-Demolition divers group (Shadows)

Special Bde tasking:
- Reconnaissance in strategic, ops and tactical depth, for the purpose of performing antiterrorist, and countering insurgency activities,
- Participation in intelligence and counterintelligence missions,
- Resolving hostage situations,
- Disarming terrorist, criminal and armed groups of insurgents.
- Blocking areas and facilities
- Supressing riots
- Securing top army and state officials,
- Locating and marking targets for the aviation activities and long-range artillery in tactical and operational depth of the enemy.
- Rescueing grounded pilots and reconnaissance-commando groups and individuals in hostile areas,
- Air assaults and aerial supplying

Off Spec Bde website:

Army Special Brigade patch:

63 Para Batt patch:

72 Spec Bde patch:

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