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Country: Latvia   

Latitude: 56° 57' 23" N     Longitude: 24° 6' 51" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


5657'23"N 24 6'52"E Riga garrison.
- Latvian Ministry of Defence
- Hq Joint National Forces Command at grid 5659'19"N 2411'30"E
-- Staff Bttalion
-- MP Group

The Latvian National Armed Forces (LNAF) is to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity and to defend its population against foreign or domestic armed aggression f any kind. LNAF consist of a Regular Force, a National Guard and a Reserve. There are no conscripts as the army converted into a professional one in 2007. LNAF is under comand of a Lieutenant general with his staff based at Riga supervising the

Air force (AIR) providing control and defense of the national air space;providing combat and mobilization readiness for units; participating in people and object search and rescue ops and performing air transportation and air defense.

Ground forces (GRND) providing the defense of all national territories; ensuring combat readiness and the mobilization of units and tking care of disposal of explosive ordnances;

Navy (SEA) tasked with conducting military, search and rescue ops, mine and explosive sweeping on the Baltic Sea, as well as ecological monitoring activities.

National Guard (NG) a light infantry volunteer force with HQ, 4 Brigades and 18 Battalions

Other Riga based Commands & Units
- Hq SpecOps Command
- Special Force Unit with staff; 3 operational and 2 supporting squadrons

- Hq Training Doctrine Command
- Defense Acdemy
- Signal School
- Language School
- Sports Center
The other TDC units are dislocated

- Hq Support Command
- Supply / Service Center
- Movemeny Control Center
- Car Transport Center
- Repair Center
- Medical & Psychological Center
The other SC units are dislocated

- Hq National Guard
-- Cyber Defense Unit
- 1 NG Brigade
- School Battalion
- 13 NG Infantry Battlion
-- CBRN Company
The other NG units are dislocated

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