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Last modified: 08 Jan 2021, submitted by: Joker

Country: Russia   

Latitude: 54° 49' 49" N     Longitude: 20° 28' 14" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Kaliningrad oblast or Kaliningrad Special Zone (KGRAD)
Since the demise of the former Soviet Union for Russia - due to its exclave location - Kaliningrad has become a very important area. In fact it is a piece of Russia in western Europe. Its strategic nature – between Lithuania in the north and east and Poland in the south – has been increasing with the enlargements of the European Union and NATO. Its geographical location and the Russian forces stationed in the area allow Moscow to control the Baltic basin, making it possible, through the Euro-Atlantic location of most countries in the region, to influence the European policies and thus allowing Russia to take a leading role in this part of Europe.

The Kaliningrad exclave serves as a Russian security policy tool and forms a threat to the Baltic states and Poland. From Russia’s point of view, the stationed military potential is a counterbalance to the expanding NATO. They serve to protect national interests, the Russian economic zone and access to the resources of the Baltic Sea. They also secure the affairs of Russian and Russian-speaking diasporas in the immediate vicinity.

All Kaliningrad based forces are placed directly under MoD and Baltic Fleet command and can be found in the database under Russia 0.NAV / BF - xxx

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