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RAF - US Alconbury

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Country: United Kingdom    Region: Cambridgeshire

Latitude: 52° 23' 3" N     Longitude: -1° 46' 15" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active (closure planned 2023)


52°23'7"N 0°13'47"W History:
Former Special Ammunition Storage (non-ops) at RAF-USAFE Alconbury a former WW2 RAF land later USAAF bomberbase. After WW2 the base first hosted several nuc certified units.From 1955-1957 47Bomb Wing/86Bomb Sqn, operating B45A with Mks.5/7; From 1957-1959 operating B-66B TDY det's with Mk.7 From 1958-1965 20 Tac Ftr Wing/ 55 and 77 Ftr Bomber Sqns operating F-100D with Mk.7

  1. Mk5
  2. Mk7

Reassigned conventional armed F-4 force from 1965-1978, Reassigned SAC U-2/TR-1 17th Recon Wing from 1982-1991 and reassigned 10th Tac Ftr Wing (A/10īs) from 1987/1993. All base flying ops ceased 1995.

Currently a non-flying facility under USAFE control (along with RAF Molesworth and RAF Upwood). These are due to close geographic proximity and interdependency under USAFE 501st Combat Suppt Wing, 423rd Air Base Group. 501st and 423rd ensure that 4 UK-based Air Base Groups (RAF Fairford - 420th, RAF Menwith Hill - 421st, RAF Croughton - 422nd, and RAF Alconbury - 423rd) are resourced, sustained, trained and equipped to exact command standards in order to provide mission support for US and NATO fighters to conduct full spectrum ops during expeditionary deployments, theater munitions movements, global command and control comms to forward deployed locations, support for theater intelligence ops and joint/combined training.

The announced departure of US forces form RAF Alconbury was postponed until 2023. MoD announced that in case of US departure the base would be sold.

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