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GRND Hrodna

Last modified: 12 Jan 2021, submitted by: Joker

Country: Belarus    Region: Local

Latitude: 54° 9' 2" N     Longitude: 25° 53' 3" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


The 36D6 [NATO designated TIN SHIELD] radar system is designed to detect air targets and to perform the fricnd-of-foe identification.
The system is able to provide targeting and bearing of active jamming, integrated computer-aided systems of control and guidance of antiaircraft guided missile complexes.

36D6 radar system is highly effective in detecting low. medium and high altitude targets, moving in wide speed range, including winged missiles with RCS equal to 0,1 m. The 36D6 is used in the structure of AD-units as follows;
- independently, as an observation and EW air detection post;
- as part of computer-aided control systems;
- as part of SAM complex C-300 PMU, where it is used as a reconnaissance and targeting system.

36D6 is a highly mobile radar system due to fast changeover from travel position to fire position and vice versa. Additionally, the station is equipped with a girocompass to provide self-orientation. The radar system itself and the power station (vs without tower) are transported only by 2 KRAZ-type trucks.

The 36D6 antenna system can be installed on tower 40B6M1 with phase zone centers removed at a height of 23m which greatly improves technical characteristics. The radar system features a high interference immunity under active and passive jamming conditions and self-guided projectile protection.

Video 36D6 deployment:

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