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0.An explanation about the Russian Commandstructure

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Country: Russia   

Locale: Current 2020

Latitude: 55° 43' 40" N     Longitude: 37° 35' 20" E

Area use / Military Branches: MIN of DEFENCE (MoD)


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MoD. level (0)
The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation is the governing body of the Russian Armed Forces. The Russian president is the acting Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and directs the activity of the Ministry. The Defence Minister exercises day-to-day administrative and operational authority over the armed forces.

General Staff level (1)
The General Staff of the Armed Forces is the military staff of the Russian Armed Forces. It is the centralised organisation of the military command and oversees operational command of the armed forces under the Russian Ministry of Defence. Together with the Main Building of the Ministry of Defense and several Staff directorate office buildings nearby, it forms the so-called "Arbat military district" as it is often referred to among the military personnel to outline the highest supreme command of the Russian Armed Forces consisting of its Service Components (LAND, AIR, NAVAL. INDEPENDENT, SPECOPS and SUPPORTING forces),

LAND forces level (2)
The responsibilities of the Russian Ground Forces (Army) are the protection of the state borders, combat on land, the security of occupied territories, and the defeat of enemy troops. The Ground Forces must be able to achieve these goals both in nuclear and conventional war. Furthermore, they must be capable of protecting the national interests of Russia within the framework of its international obligations.

AEROSPACE forces level (3)
The Russian Aerospace Forces are the aerospace forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. It was established as a new branch on 1 August 2015 with the merging of the Russian Air Force (VVS) and the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces (VVKO) under the recommendations of the Ministry of Defence.

NAVAL forces (4)
The Russian Navy is the naval arm of the Russian Armed Forces and consists of four combat services - the Surface Forces, the Submarine Forces, the Naval Aviation and the Coastal Troops

INDEPENDENT troops level (5)
The Strategic Missile Forces or Strategic Rocket Forces of the Russian Federation (RVSN) are a separate troops branch of the Russian Armed Forces that controls Russia's landbased intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). RVSN was first formed in the Soviet Armed Forces, and effectively changed its name in 1991 from the Soviet to the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces or Strategic Missile Troops.
The Russian Airborne Force (ABN) is a separate troops branch of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

SPECIAL forces level (6) Forces under ther Russian Special Operations Command comprised of the Special Operations Command; 4 SF training centres; a Main Intel Directorate (GRU) with 7 SPETSNAZ brigades and Counteraction Underwater Diversionary Forces and facilities

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