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Country: Estonia   

Latitude: 57° 50' 45" N     Longitude: 26° 10' 31" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former Soviet SS-4 missile launch center.
Missile silos at lat/long: 5749'47"N 2612'29"E and 5750'6"N 2610'30"E

Vyru (Voru) was the deployment base of 846th Regiment / 23rd Missile Division (from 1982 40th Division) / 50th Missile Army.
23rd Division HQ was at Valka [Valga], Latvia. Operating R-12 (SS-4 Sandal) missiles with a range of appx 2.000 kilometres carrying a single 2.4 MT nuclear warhead. In 1981-82, the 23rd Division and Regiment 94, 846 and 304 relocated to Russia.

The 23rd comprised the 94th Regiment (two surface launch complexes outside Haapsalu), the 846th Regiment (two surface complexes and one Dvina silo complex nortf of Valga), the 304th Regiment (two surface launch complexes south of Rakvere), Vyru (Voru) (two surface launch complexes southeast of Voru) and, until 1982, the 39th Regiment (two surface launch complexes and on Dvina silo complex south of Aluksne).

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