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Teheran - West

Last modified: 22 Jan 2012, submitted by: Joker

Country: Iran   

Latitude: 35° 44' 14" N     Longitude: 51° 13' 38" E

Area use / Military Branches: HQ-2 training facility


HongQi 2 is a large 2-stage missile designed to intercept high-altitude targets like strategic bombers and spy planes. Its radar guidance guarantees a single-shot hit probability of 68%, but according to the US experience in the Vietnam War, this ratio drops sharply when the missile is used in a strong electronic jamming environment. The improved HongQi 2B is said to have much improved capability against various active and passive jamming.

The second-stage of the HongQi 2 missile is a large liquid rocket, which makes it inconvenient to be maintained and transported. Each missile is carried by a semi-trailer towed by a 6x6 truck, and needs to be loaded onto a fixed launcher before firing. Loading usually takes 5 minutes depending on training and experience of operators.

The basic operational unit of the HongQi 2 SAM is battalion, each including 6x fixed launchers, 18 spare missiles, early-warning radar, target illuminating radar (ground guidance station) and support units (command, power, communications, etc.)

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