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AIR Bierset

Last modified: 21 May 2018

Country: Belgium    Region: prov de Liege

Locale: Bierset

Latitude: 50° 37' 59" N     Longitude: 5° 25' 59" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former Belgian airbase. Later transferred to Groepering Licht Vliegwezen Landmacht / Army Aviation and integrated in Belgian Aircomponent.
Base deactivated and closed.

Historical facts:
- 9 Fighter bomber wing flying F-84 Thunderjets and T-33's 1954-1957.
- 9 Fighter bomber wing reassigned 9 fighter wing 1956 operating Gloster Meteor F-8 and Hawker Hunter F-6 until 1960.
- Temporary base hosting Nike Ajax missiles of the 13 Missile wing 1960-1963.
- Temporary base hosting Nike Hercules missiles of 9 Missile wing 1962-1964 awaiting deployment in W-Germany.
- 42 Recon sqn moved in from Beauvechain with RF-84F Thunderflash 1963-1971.
- 1 Conversion sqn for Mirage III and V BA moves in from Florennes 1971 and 42 Recon sqn reassigned to Florennes.
- 3 Tactical wing formed 1972 consisting of 8 sqn from Florennes and 1 conversion sqn.
- 42 Sqn converting to F-16A Falcon moves in 1988
- 8 Sqn dissolved 1991
- Dissolving 3 Tac wing and 42 sqn 1993 and Belgian Air Force withdraws from the base.
- Light Army Aviation Grp withdrawn from Germany takes over the base 1994-1995.
-1995 Light Army Aviation Grp is dissolved and integrated in Air Component as "Wing Heli" remaining here until 2010.
-2010 Wing Heli reassigened to Beauvechain; renamed 1 Wing. Bierset closed as an airbase.

Hawker Hunter
Dassault Mirage III
Dassault Mirage V
F-16A Falcon

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