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La Joya AD complex

Last modified: 12 Jan 2013, submitted by: Joker

Country: Peru   

Locale: S of La Joya

Latitude: 16° 47' 34" S     Longitude: -72° 8' 47" E

Area use / Military Branches: EW radar & AD msl sites


This is the P14 Tall King EW radar location at the La Joya AD complex.
There is a secondary P37 Bar Lock radar nearby at lat/long 1647'23"S 7151'56"W
SA-3 AD missile sites at lat / long:
1647'20"S 7151'51"W , 1647'13"S 7150'46"W , 1649'43"S 7154'33"W
1648'22"S 7155'2"W . 1647'20"S 7154'10"W , 1646'30"S 7154'17"W
1646'53"S 7152'56"W , 1646'42"S 7152'45"W , 1644'8"S 7150'20"W
1643'42"S 7151'1"W

All SA3 sites are empty in 2009/2010, except 1649'43"S 7154'33"W where an EW radar can be seen (Possible P-15 FLAT FACE)

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