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JOINT Sofia garrison

Last modified: 01 Dec 2019, submitted by: Joker

Country: Bulgaria   

Locale: Sofia

Latitude: 42° 41' 40" N     Longitude: 23° 19' 36" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Sofia Joint Forces Command is being controlled by the MoD
Tis is the Combined supreme command supervising

AIR force with appx 6.500 personnel and 80 aircraft commanded by a major general. Tasking:
within the framework of the National Security Strategy, the Air Force fulfills the following functions: restraining, defensive, peace and security keeping, humanitarian, rescue, integration and social ones.

GRND force with appx 36.000 personnel in 2 mechanized brigades; 4 regiments and a training base commanded by a major general. Tasking: “Defensive” – readiness of the troops to participate in the collective defence of the territory of the country and outside it, and participation in joint operations related to struggle against terrorism;
“Support for the international peace and security” – maintains capabilities for participation in peace keeping ops of different nature under UN, NATO, EU and other international organizations
“Contribution to the national security in peacetime” – maintains the ability to support state and local authorities in assisting the population to overcome crises of non-military nature in peacetime

SEA force with appx 4.000 personnel and 37 ships commanded by a rear admiral responsible for protecting the sovereignty and territory of the Republic of Bulgaria in her maritime spaces.

Other local based
- CIMIC, PsyOps & Geographical Support Battalion (directly under Land Force Cmd)
- Land Forces Command Documentation Support Center

Missile Defence Base at grd 42°44'46"N 23°12'38"E with
- Hq
- 4x Missile Battalions (1x S300P, 3x S125)

Sofia Airport at grid 42°41'23"N 23°24'32"E with
- Airlift Grp

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