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AIR Florennes

Last modified: 23 Jul 2018

Country: Belgium    Region: prov. de Namur

Locale: Florennes

Latitude: 50° 13' 59" N     Longitude: 4° 37' 59" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Florennes, Quartier base Jean Offenberg historical:
1955-1958 F-84E Thunderjets ; 1958-1971 F-84F Thunderstreaks ; 1970-1983 Dassault Mirage V's .
From 1962-1968 the base was operating in the nuc deterrent role. Former WSA at grid 5013'33"N 438'42"E and former QRA at grid 5014'31"N 439'34"E ; 1984-1989 USAF 485th Tac Msl Wing operating nuc GLCM Gryphons. Former GAMA at grid 5013'34"N 439'1"E
1989-2009 Tactical Leadership Programme in the former USAF infrastructure

Current units:
- 2e Wing Tactique with appx 1200 military operational on F-16A in airdefence role
- 80 UAV Squadron appx 150 military

Dassault Mirage V
F-16A Falcon

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