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AIR Beauvechain

Last modified: 03 Apr 2019

Country: Belgium    Region: prov de Brabant Wallon

Locale: Beauvechain

Latitude: 50° 45' 0" N     Longitude: 4° 46' 0" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Beauvechain, Quartier base Lieutenant-colonel aviateur Charles Roman
- 1 Wing, Operating Agusta A-109s with a strength of appx 1200 personnel. Used for recon, lso, medevac and police filghts and for army infantry support.
-- Airforce Force Protection unit which may be deployed worldwide.
-- Mainenance unit for A109-BA, Marchetti SF.260M/D, Alpha Jet 1B and Piper L-21B Super Cub.

- Air Component Meteo Wing

- Aviation Safety Directorate (ASD); the flight safety dept which also researches all aviation related accicents

- Aircomponent Competence Centre (CC Air) is a trainingcentre with appx 200 personnel with co locations at Goetsenhoven and Oud-Heverlee.
Beauvechain is the basic training facility for all non flying airforce personnel and basic training for flying airforce personnel
Goetsenhoven is home for the Air Cadets
Oud-Heverlee is the trainingbase for military dogs and doghandler teams for all Belgian Armed Forces components
CC Air also controls the Belgian fighter pilot training at Cazaux (F), the helicopter pilot training at Dax (F) and the airlift training at Avord (F)

After WW2. 160 Spitfire wing activated with 349, 350 and 10 Sq.
Then redesignated 1 Dayfighter wing. Redesignated again 1 Fighter wing with 11 Sq (Mosquito NF 30 and Meteor NF11).
Base renamed " Base aérienne Charles Roman " in 1955.
OCU Hawker Hunter F-4 and OCU CF-100 Canuck and again redesignated 1 Allweather wing.
OCU RF-84F Thunderstreak and OCU F-104G Starfighter and OCU F-16A Falcon.
1996.1 Wing dissolved and aircraft based at Florennes and Kleinebrogel. 1 Wing reassigned as training wing with Alpha Jets.

Hawker Hunter
F-104 Starfighter
F-16A Falcon
Dornier Alpha Jet

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