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Bagram airfield SAM sites

Last modified: 06 Jul 2017, submitted by: Joker

Country: Afghanistan   

Latitude: 34° 57' 52" N     Longitude: 69° 16' 39" E

Area use / Military Branches: SA-3 site


Bagram airfield was originally built in the 1950s. Its present runway, 10,000 foot long, was built in 1976. Bagram airfield maintenance was by the Afghan Air Force (AAF) with some US support.

In the 1980s Soviet war in Afghanistan Bagram airfield was the initial staging point for the invading Soviet forces at the beginning of the conflict when elements of 2 Soviet Airborne Troops' divisions were deployed there. Later on it became an important logistic and operational base for the Soviet activities. Bagram based Soviet aircraft like 368th Assault Aviation Regiment flying Su-25s, provided CAS for Soviet and Afghan deployed troops.

Following the withdrawal of the Soviet forces and the rise of the mujahedeen rebels, Afghanistan plunged into civil war and control of Bagram airfield was contested between the Northern Alliance and Taliban. Talibans were consistently within artillery and mortar range of the field, denying full possession of the facility to the Northern Alliance. Today wrecks of former Soviet and Afghan Air Force aircraft are still to be seen at Bagram airfield.

In 2000, Taliban took over control and forced the Northern Alliance to retreat further to the north. During the US-led invasion of Afghanistan the base was secured by a British Specops team and in 2001 US troops from 10 Mountain Div shared the base with Specops personnel, 82 Airborne Div. Military, an 11 Sig.Bde team and a British force consisting of 2 companies from 40 Commando, Royal Marines.

In 2002 US, Italian and Polish military repaired the runway and by mid-June 2002, Bagram airfield was temporary home to more than 7.000 US and coalition military. In 2006 a second 11.500 ft long runway was built and completed by the US giving the base the ability to handle large aircraft like C-5's and C-17's.

The Parwan Detention Facility (PDF) was completed in 2009 and is also located at Bagram Airfield. It is the main detention facility for persons detained by the US forces in Afghanistan replacing the Abu Graib facility, which was located at a different site and was criticized in the past for alleged torture and prisoner abuse

Currently Bagram airfield has the size of a small town, with commercial shops selling goods from clothes to food. Troops and civilians have various dining options that include Pizza Hut, Subway, an Afghan restaurant, as well as Green Beans coffee shops. The base is mainly occupied by Government contractors, International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) military and some US Armed Forces personnel.

This is an ANA SA-3 AD site
There are other ANA SA-2 AD sites just E of the base at lat/long: 3456'49"N 6916'31"E
and appx at 4 mi SE of the base at lat/long: 3456'17"N 6919'54"E

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