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GRND Sari Shagan

Last modified: 08 Feb 2021, submitted by: Joker

Country: Kazakhstan    Region: .

Latitude: 46° 4' 40" N     Longitude: 73° 27' 7" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Sari Shagan was constructed in the mid 1950's as a major antiballistic missile defense test range in the former Soviet Union.
The base is still in use as a live firing and weapons test range

SAM garrison at grid 46 2'41"N 7329'9"E
SA-2 sites at grid:
4559'15"N 7324'6"E nonops
46 5'12"N 7331'24"E nonops
46 5'46.92"N 7326'48"E nonops
46 7'11"N 7323'10"E ops
46 0'23"N 7338'23"E prototype Daryal and Dnepr Anit Ballistic Msl radar
460'10"N 7338'58"E prototype Don-2NP Anti Ballistic Msl radar Дон-2НП

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