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A note about the general Kazakh armed forces

Last modified: 08 Feb 2021, submitted by: Joker

Country: Kazakhstan   

Latitude: 47° 11' 56" N     Longitude: 66° 4' 4" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


47°11'56.27"N 66° 4'4.91"E General information about the K forces. DISCLAIMER!
All info displayed has been acquired by so called "open sources" like and

Kazakh GRND forces are established 1993 after the downfall of the USSR. Its current (2020) strength is appx 20.000 military organised in 4 regional commands:
- Central Military District (HQ Karaganda), - Eastern Military District (HQ Semey),
- Western Military District (HQ Atyrau) and - Southern Military District (HQ Taraz).

Each having the same general composition with:
- a mechanized division (comprising 3 tank regiments and 1 artillery regiment)
- a motorised infantry division (comprising1 tank brigade, 2 motorised regiments, and 1 artillery regiment)
- a training centre with 2 infantry regiments
- a motorised training regiment
- an armour training regiment
- an artillery regiment
- 3 independent motorised infantry brigades
- 2 artillery brigades
- 1 engineer brigade

Kazakh AIR and Air Defence Forces is operating from several airbases and from several joint mil/civ combined airfields. After the Soviet downfall the Kazakh air force took over several types of aircraft and airfields. Its current (2020) strength is 12.000 military (air force and air defence force) joint in a single air division. The Kazakh air force is upgrading and currently (2020) comprises:
Combat aircraft
- 120x MiG 27 Flogger fighter/bombers; 70x MiG-29 Fulcrum fighters; 44x MiG-31 Foxhound interceptors; 80x SU-27 Flanker fighters; 36x Su-30SM Flanker fighters and 36x Su-25 Frogfoot close air support aircraft
- 50x Mil Mi17 Hip utility; 22x Mil Mi-35 Hind attack (12x used for NAV); 8x Mil Mi-26 Halo heavy airlift; 12x Eurocopter 145 utility
Transport aircraft
- 1x Tu-154M Careless VIP; 1x An-12 Cub medium airlift; 5x An-26 Curl medium airlift; 1x An-12 Coaler heavy airlift and 8x Casa 295M medium airlift
Training aircraft
- 18x Aero L-39 Albatros jet trainer; 6x Yak-130 advanced jet trainer
- 4x CAIG Wing Loong recon and an estimated 60x various small UAV recon

Kazakh NAVy is operating only in the Caspian Sea as the former Soviet Caspian Flotilla. After the Soviet downfall Kazakh naval force was established in 1993. Its current strength is 3.200 military. Its current (2019) structure is:
- Navy Hq (Aktau)
- SF unit
- Coastal Artillery
- Caspian Flotilla
- Border Service
-- 1st & 2nd Naval Divisions (Bautino)
-- 3rd Naval Division (Atyrau)

The K NAVy comprises:
- 4x Kazakhstan class missile boats; 1x Mangistau class missile boat; 2x Türk missile boats; 2x OPV-62 patrol boats; 6x Shaldag fast patrol boats;
2x 10750 class minesweepers; 1x Project AZIZ survey ship;

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