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EADF Egyptian Airdefence General Info

Last modified: 25 Jan 2021, submitted by: Joker

Country: Egypt   

Latitude: 31° 15' 24" N     Longitude: 32° 19' 39" E

Area use / Military Branches: Current strength


All info has strictly been obtained by "open source" documentation; see The Official Home Page of the Egyptian Armed Forces and 2020

Egyptian Air Defence Force (EADF). Established in 1968 and responsible for the protection of the Egyptian airspace and reaction against airspace violations and attacks. EADF strength is appx 3.000 military and appx 50.000 conscripts. EADF is undergoing extensive modernisation and restructuring and is currently based on 5 Airdefence Divisions and 2 Independent Brigades

Equipment used:
- Former Soviet towed Anti Aircraft Artillery (ZPU 14.5mm; ZU 23-2 23mm; 61-K 37mm; S-60 57mm; 52K 85mm; KS-19 100mm and KS-30 130mm)
Western triple A (Swiss oerlikon 35mm; US M167 VADS 20mm)

- Selfpropelled triple A (US M113 M-163 23mm; Rus Shilka 23mm; Rus ZSU 57 2 57mm and Czech Praga M53/59)

- Motorised Short Range Air Defence (Rus Tor M1 SA-15; Fr Crotale VT1; US TWQ-1 mobile Stinger; US MIM-72 Chaparral and Rus Strela 1 SA-9)

- Medium Range Air Defence (Rus Kub SA-6; Rus Pechora SA-3; US MIM-23 Improved Hawk; Rus Buk SA-17; Rus fixed Volga SA-2; German Iris SLM)

- Longrange Air Defence (US MIM-104 Patriot; Rus S-300 and future S-400)

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