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GRND Bludesch

Last modified: 29 Aug 2018

Country: Austria    Region: Nenzing

Locale: Bludesch

Latitude: 47° 11' 42" N     Longitude: 9° 42' 42" E

Area use / Military Branches: Jägerbataillon 23


Bludesch, Walgau-Kaserne. Home of Jägerbataillon 23
JB 23 is not only trained in all classic infantry assignments and operations but can also operate in high mountain and very difficult accessible areas. Most of the Officers and NCO's are well known in mountain area ops. Many military are specialized alpine climbers, guides, alpine ski teachers or helicopter medics.This unit is international deployable.

Bludesch garrison structure:
- Staff Coy
- 1 & 3. Jägercoys (Mountain Inf )
- Battle Suppt Coy

- 2 Jägercoy is dispersed at Landeck

JB23 patch


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