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9. MC / MCAS / El Toro

Last modified: 16 Jun 2022, submitted by: Joker

Country: United States    Region: California

Locale: Irvine

Latitude: 33° 40' 24" N     Longitude: -118° 16' 15" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


3339'51"N 11743'36"W Former MCAS El Toro 1944-1999 was since 1958 until closure home of the 3rd Marine Aircraft WIng; base closed 1999
Former units (after WW2):
- 1st Marine jet squadron VMF-311 departing for Korea in 1950 with F9F-2B Panthers
- HMM-161 was the 1st tactical helo sqn in the MC activated in 1951
- 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing arrived in 1955 consisting through the years of fighter, attack, photograph reconnaissance, observation, refueling, and bomber jet aircraft as well as, attack, utility, and transport helicopters, and transport planes

Large parts of the former base are contaminated! The Department of the Navy (which oversees both the Navy and the Marine Corps) was required to perform environmental remediation to clean up contaminated soil. Contamination was caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs), primarily industrial solvents that had been used over the years for degreasing, paint stripping and the cleaning of aircraft.

The land area originally taken by the air station is planned to be converted into a recreational center, the Orange County Great Park.

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