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GRND Mautern

Last modified: 29 Aug 2018

Country: Austria    Region: Niederosterreich

Locale: Mautern

Latitude: 48° 8' 21" N     Longitude: 15° 33' 39" E

Area use / Military Branches: 3. Panzergrenadierbde, Panzerstabsbataillon 3


Mautern, Raab kaserne; home to
- Kommando Schnelle Einsätze (Rapid Deployment Cmd)
Spearhed for domestic and foreign deployments at short notice. Specialized in urban deployments supporting anti terror units.
- Staff Battalion 3
; Supt Coy; Transport Coy; Tech Coy (all Mautern)
- School Coy (dispersed)

- 3. Panzergrenadierbrigade, one of Austria's 2 mechanized brigades equipped with "Leopard" 2A4 and "Ulan" tanks. The brigade may be deployed abroad.
- Panzerstabsbataillon 3, the command, support, logistic and training unit for 3. Panzergrenadierbrigade.

PSB3 Build-up:
- Stabskompanie (Staff Coy)
- Führungsunterstützungskompanie (Cmd Suppt Coy)
- ABC-Abwehrkompanie (CBRN Coy)
- Nachschub- und Transportkompanie (Log/Trsp Coy)
- Werkstattkompanie (Tech Coy)


3 PGB patch:
PSB3 patch:

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