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AIR Chortiatis

Last modified: 22 Feb 2019, submitted by: Joker

Country: Greece   

Latitude: 40° 34' 55" N     Longitude: 23° 6' 59" E

Area use / Military Branches: 1 ACC, 10 CWS


Chortiatis mountain ridge
Located HAF units:
- 1st Area Control Center (tacticall "Topsy") operating an underground facility insside Mt Choriatis together with
-- 10 Control & Warning Sq which is operating a Marconi S-743 'Martello' radar

Suborinate units:
- 2nd Area Control Centre, inside Mount Parnitha
-- 1 to 11 Control and Warning Squadrons which are spread-out all over Greece,

1 ACC is responsible for:controlling subordinate units’ capability and readiness to accomplish their mission; evaluation of present situation and appropriate actions; management, control and coordination of SAR ops, according to national plans; providing a continuous Real-time Air Picture (RAP) for the National Center of Air Ops (EKAE); coordination and control of air ops according to HTAF /EKAE mandates and coordination of ops among other branches of the armed forces.
1 ACC is under AF Tactical Command and reports directly to the NATO Combined Air Operations Center Torrejón in Spain which is controlling the airspace South of the Alps

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