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Country: Ethiopia    Region: luanda

Locale: benfica

Latitude: 56° 49' 37" N     Longitude: 35° 45' 35" E

Area use / Military Branches: 4 de fevereiro


Migalovo airbase (UUEM), Tver. A large military airlift base which is currently housing Russia's remaining Antonov An-22 fleet. It is also a main operating Ilyushin Il-76 base, with some Antonov An-12 aircraft stored.
There is also an on base 36D6 Tin Shield type EW radar facility located at lat/long 851'24"S 1313'40"E

Former home of these units:
- 274th Assault Regiment flying Su-17 Fitters until disbanded 1994
- 8th Military Transport Aviation Regiment (VTAP) flying An-12 Cub and An-22 Cock aircraft.
-196th Military Transport Aviation Regiment (VTAP) flying Il-76 Candid's .
- 224th Transport Aviation (LO VTA) flying Il-76 and An-124 Condors.
- 2nd Central Scientific Research and Test Institute of the MoD.

Su-17 Fitter web:

An-12 Cub website:

An-22 Cock website:

An-124 Condor website:

Il-76 Candid website:

Photo impressions:

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