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RAF Newton

Last modified: 08 Sep 2015, submitted by: Joker

Country: United Kingdom    Region: Nottinghamshire

Latitude: 52° 57' 39" N     Longitude: -1° 0' 28" E

Area use / Military Branches: BTU, Closed


Former RAF Newton hosted the Bloodhound Training Unit for all battery crewmembers and technicians. Bristol Bloodhound was a British surface-to-air missile developed during the 1950s as the UK's main airdefence weapon. The Bloodhound came in 2 versions and was in large-scale RAF service. Bloodhound Mk. I entered RAF service in 1958 and was phased out 1964. Its successor was Bloodhound Mk II which entered service 1964 and the last unit phased out 1991. The Bloodhound system was operational with RAF units in the UK, as well as with RAF units in W-Germany and in Singapore. The missilesystem was also sold to several forgeign forces.

Explaining the Bloodhound weaponsystem:

The RAF BTU website:

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