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RAF Barnham

Last modified: 23 Oct 2010

Country: United Kingdom    Region: Suffolk

Latitude: 52° 23' 7" N     Longitude: 0° 43' 9" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


RAF Barnham; a former WW2 airfield. In the early l950s, the WW2 mustard gas weapons storage depot at Barnham, on the south side of the 94 Maintenance Unit Air Ammunition Park (serving RAF Honington and other airfields), was selected as a storage and maintenance facility for nuclear weapons. Barnham became operational 1954 under control of No. 94 Maintenance Unit and covered 23 acres with a roughly 5 sided pattern with projecting bastions that allowed the whole of the perimeter to be seen from the internal patrols. RAF Barnham closed in 1964 and the site was sold by the MOD in 1966 and it now forms the Gorse Industrial Estate.

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