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2.RRH Trimingham

Last modified: 03 Jun 2020, submitted by: Joker

Country: United Kingdom    Region: Norfolk

Latitude: 52° 53' 35" N     Longitude: 1° 24' 1" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Trimingham site is a substation of RRH Neatishead under control and maintenance of a section of radar technicians and operators supported by a team of ground engineers.
Trimingham site provides extensive coverage of the UK's East coast and helps contribute to the recognized air picture and defense of the country.
The site became operational in 1997 equipped with a BAE type 93 radar. However this radar has been replaced by a TPS-77 type long-range air surveillance radar system overcoming earlieer sensor performance issues caused by the rotating blades of wind turbines. The electronics of Lockheed Martin’s TPS-77 radar mitigate interference, or “clutter,” that obscure radar targets in and around wind farms.

BAE type 93

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