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Last modified: 07 Oct 2010, submitted by: Joker

Country: Poland   

Latitude: 54° 32' 53" N     Longitude: 18° 23' 59" E

Area use / Military Branches: Navy Special Forces


Gdynia; home of the Polish navy special forces unit FORMOZA.
The modern Special Forces Command only has a short history in the armed forces of Poland. However the SF traditions are rooted far back in time. The new Polish SF has a modern system of training, the best military equipment and continually improved battle tactics corresponding to today's challenges,
FORMOZA is the naval part of the Polish SF which was established 1974 as a navy division of frogmen specialized in runing specops in times of peace, crisis or war. Its basic tasks include operations at sea, under water and in on-shore facilities.

Off Polish MoD website regarding Special Forces:

Formoza homebase:

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