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Troposcatter Cima Gallinea

Last modified: 19 Oct 2019, submitted by: Joker

Country: Italy   

Latitude: 46° 56' 40" N     Longitude: 11° 29' 49" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former Operating Location November in the 486L Medcom digital backbone Line Of Sight chain;
Connected with Germany (Zugspitze) in the north and Mt Paganella in the south
Equipment used: Siemens/Halske EM 120/400 Microwave radios. 132 voice channel analog in the 400 MHz band and Siemens/Halske FM 12/800 a 12 channel radio in the 800 MHz band.

Note: In 2008 1st Comms Maintenance Sq removed all equipment, antennas and associated hardware at the microwave radio communications sites in the northern Italy region.

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Demnis Wridenbach, | 18. February 2019 20:38


I was stationed at site 6E July 1970 to July 1971. Had a great time. I was a operating technician at the sites diesel electric power plant.

Gene Musselman, | 20. January 2019 01:32

Original Crew in 1965

First tropo tech to arrive in 1964 ISEI was still installing system so i was sent to sigonnella naf to help run cemetery rsdio net
Stunning views we couldnt capture in those dauys with our cameras88v

Curtis Fjelstul, | 24. December 2018 22:06


I was stationed at Monte Nardello from July 1972 to July 1973.

Gary, | 29. April 2018 03:37

Power production

Was stationed at natdello Oct 85 to Oct 86. Good memories.

Rusty McIntosh, | 31. May 2017 14:02

What a year

I was stationed there basicly the whole year of 1979. I got home just in time to sit in a motel room in Philly and watch my Steelers win against the Cowboys.

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