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NDHQ Ottawa

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Country: Canada    Region: Ontario

Latitude: 45° 25' 23" N     Longitude: -76° 18' 38" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


4525'24"N 7541'21"W Canadian National Defence Headquarters (NDHQ)
The military HQ for the Canadian Armed Forces, as well as parts of the civilian Department of National Defence (DND) staff

NDHQ is home to

Canadian Naval Service Command
A 3 star general (vice-admiral) command responsible for the naval forces consisting of 12 frigates, 4 submarines, 12 coastal defence vessels and 8 unarmed patrol/training vessels, as well as several auxiliary vessels. The personal strength is appx 8,500 Regulars and 5,100 Primary Reserve sailors, supported by 5,300 civilians.

Canadian Army Command
A 3 star general command responsible for all land forces consisting of 23,000 regulars, about 17,000 reserve soldiers, including 5,000 rangers, for a total of 40,000 soldiers. The Army is supported by 3,000 civilian employees.

Canadian Air Command
A 3 star general command responsible for providing protection of the national airspace and for delivering relevant responsive airpower to the other forces by manned and unmanned aircraft. The personnel strength is 14,500 Regulars and 2,600 Primary Reserves supported by 2,500 civilians
- Air Staff
- Director General Space (DG Space)
- Canadian Space Operations Centre (CANSpOC)
- Air Staff Air Reserve Flight
- 414 Electronic Warfare Support Sq; a subordinate unit under 3th Wing command

Canadian Joint Ops Command (CJOC)
A 3 star genaral command responsible for anticipating and conducting Canadian Forces operations and developing, generating and integrating joint force capabilities for operations. The 3 star general commander is assisted by three 2 star general deputy commanders, one for each of the three main components (Continental, Expeditionary, and Support)..

Canadian Spec Ops Forces Command (CANSOFCOM)
A 1 star genaral command providing agile, hi-readiness SpecOps forces capable of conducting national and worldwide specops.

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