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AA Pierre sur Haute

Last modified: 16 Mar 2016

Country: France    Region: Auvergne

Latitude: 45° 39' 10" N     Longitude: 3° 48' 29" E

Area use / Military Branches: Transmitting Station


Pierre sur Haute; former USAF ACE high torposcatter comms link (callsign FLYZ) connected with Mont Août (FADZ) and Mont Lachens (FNIZ). Closed.

Current: FAF radar and comms site containing a civil comms relay, an S mode air traffic control searchradar and an air force site supporting all air force strategic communications and the "Syracuse III" military satcom system. Syracuse stands for: SYstème de RAdioCommunication Utilisant SatellitE, (satcom system) via a series of French military communications satellites intended to ensure the French military staff communications between mainland France and military units deployed around the world.

The site is a subordinate unit of airbase 942 Lyon-Mont Verdun.


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