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An Khe - Camp Radcliffe

Last modified: 09 Jan 2019, submitted by: Joker

Country: Vietnam   

Latitude: 13° 57' 48" N     Longitude: 109° 2' 49" E

Area use / Military Branches: Former 1st Cav Div Airmobile


Former Camp Radcliffe An Khe activated August 1965 by the 70th Engineer Battalion as the base camp for the 1st Cavalry Division (1965-1971) The base was then the largest helicopter base in the world and capable of accommodating the 1st Cavalry's 400+ helicopters. Its airfield was capable of landing C-130 aircraft. The base had a perimeter of 26 km known as the Green Line with 3-man watchtowers every 50m

!st Cav Div Airmobile saw combat during the Vietnam War as the first deployed air assault division using Bell UH-1 Huey helicopters as troop carriers. The division's colors and unit designations were transferred in 1965 when deploying to Camp Radcliffe. The division perfected tactics and doctrine for helicopter assaults over the next 5 years in Vietnam.
These are all in the Vietnam war deployed 1st Cavalry units:
- 1st, 2nd and 3rd Brigade; - 1st and 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry; - 1st, 2nd and 5th Battalion, 7th Cavalry; - 1st and 2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry; - 1st and 2nd Battalion, 12th Cavalry; - 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry;
- 1st Cavalry Division Artillery; - 2nd Battalion, 19th Artillery; - 2nd Battalion, 20th Artillery; - 1st Battalion, 21st Artillery; - 1st Battalion, 77th Artillery; - Battery E, 82d Artillery
- 11th Aviation Group; - 227th, 228th and 229th Aviation Battalion; - 11th Aviation Company
- 8th Engineer Battalion
- 13th Signal Battalion
- 1st Cavalry Division Support Command; - 15th Administration Company; - 15th Medical Battalion; - 15th Transportation Battalion 88th trans; - 27th Maintenance Battalion; - 15th Supply and Transport Battalion and - 545th MP Company

Ranger 1st Cav Div Airmobile website:

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Jean, | 22. November 2015 20:21

Thanks! I hope I can

Thanks! I hope I can finish the baiatlton by mid february. Only 15 to go ... of which 2 are partially painted, 5 are basecoated, and the others are waiting for their bagpacks to be glued on... (run out of glue!)

Celseea, | 14. November 2015 12:02

Profit ideas for the

Profit ideas for the musuem. I think they shluod let you stand in a tank and have your picture taken and have a track out back so you can test drive a tank

Antonio, | 14. November 2015 12:02

I want to thank John

I want to thank John and William for information on Captain Ward's death back in January of 1971. Hard to bevelie that was over 41 years ago. They answered questions regarding his death and I relly appreciate them taking the time to reply to my request. If anyone else knew Captain John Ward, I would love to also hear from you. Best to all of your guys. Jim Price

Amir, | 13. November 2015 21:48

I was Captain Ward's

I was Captain Ward's RTO for awhile. I got ineftced with malaria pretty bad and was taken out of the field. I do remember on a few ocassions Captain Ward's calmness under extreme cicumstances was very much appreciated. I recall one night a local ARVN base was coming in pretty close to our position with their motars. Captain Ward was on the radio himself with HQ, telling them to contact the ARVN base to cease fire. My nickname in Nam was Duke. I recall at that time they were sending field RTO's to a Pathfinder school in Bien Hoa and afterwards that is how I became the Co. RTO. I knew a lot of men that were wounded and died the day Captain Ward died. It is still puzzling why so many short rounds exploded so close to their position. Anyway I remember Capt. Ward as a good man who was very much respected by his men

Suldivan, | 13. November 2015 20:47

It's always a relief

It's always a relief when someone with obvious exptierse answers. Thanks!

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