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Airdef deployment Skaramagkas

Last modified: 07 Mar 2021

Country: Greece   

Latitude: 37° 59' 52" N     Longitude: 23° 37' 14" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


The missile air defense of the Hellenic Armed Forces is composed of

Air Force units
- MIM-104 Patriot PAC3 missile system 6 Batterries / 36 launchers / 325 missiles installed near Athens, Thessaloniki and on the island of Skyros
- S-300 PMU1 missile system based at Crete and consisting of 1 Battalion /4 batteries /16 launchers / 80 missiles
- 9 Crotale Nouvelle Generation missile systems
- Skyguard/VELOS combined SHORAD system:(1Giraffe radar; 2Skyguard rardars; 4 guns and 4 launchers) 20 launchers / 280 missiles / 24 Oerlikon-35 Guns for airbase defense.

Army units
- 54 vehicle-mounted ASRAD-HELLAS systems. A modular missile system featuring high firepower for day and night ops. The ASRAD-HELLAS system carries 4 Stinger missiles and holds 4 missiles ready for reload.
- 300 FIM- 92 Stinger MANPAD missiles
- 506 ZU-23mm lightweight, automatic, towed antiaircraft guns taken over from former East German army
- 285 Rheinmetall Mk 20 RH-202 Artemis 30 to protect all branches of the Armed Forces from medium and low level attack aircraft.
- 42 MIM-23B Improved HAWK - Phase III PIP missile systems
- 21 TOR M1 (or SA-15 Gauntlet) tracked medrange missile systems. Under command of 182-tor brigade based in Kommotini
- 38 SA-8 Gecko (or 9M33 Osa) shorad missile systems. All batteries based on the eastern aegean islands and under the ASDEN command

Navy units
-2 Crotale Nouvelle Generation (Naval) missile systems

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