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Nike BE Düren/Drove

Last modified: 17 Oct 2018, submitted by: Joker

Country: Germany    Region: N.R.W

Locale: Drove

Latitude: 50° 42' 44" N     Longitude: 6° 32' 3" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Düren/Drove, former home to
- HQ and Battalon Operations Center BE 13th Nike Missilewing (Msl Grp),
- BE nuclear Nike airdefense missile site. Total 36x Nike airdefence missiles (10x nuc tipped) operated by 50 Sql (A-btry) 1959 - 1990. 50 Btry was the first BE unit deployed in W-Germany in 1959. At first 50 btry occupied a smaller launchersite (Nideggen) with Nike Ajax missiles; 1966 it moved to its new launchersite with Nike Hercules missiles and became nuclear certified. US custodians: 43rd US Army Arty Det. Former IFC at 50°41'20"N 06°30'13"E

Also located:
- BE Missile Support Wing giving Tech & Log Support to both Operational Wings

BE 13th Missile Wing also consisted of 51 Sq (Blankenheim); 52 Sq (Euskirchen) and 53 Sq (Kaster) but these were dislocated.

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