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GRND Bloemfontein

Last modified: 12 Aug 2019, submitted by: Joker

Country: South Africa   

Latitude: 29° 5' 34" S     Longitude: 26° 11' 13" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


- SA Army Armoured Formation is a 2 star general command supervising 2 regular and 7 reserve armoured regiments

- 1 Special Service Battalion (1SSB), Tempe Bloemfontein is a regular armoured regiment operating Rooikat and Ratel armoured vehicles.

- 1 South African Tank Regiment is a regular unt operating the Oliphant Mk2 main battle tank

- School of Armour, Tempe Bloemfontein The armour training regiment

- Regiment President Steyn is a reserve armoured regiment operating Oliphant Mk1 tanks.The unit has a status equivalent to that of a British Army Reserve or US Army National Guard unit.

HQ 44 Paratrooper Regiment

- 1st Paratrooper Battalion (regular force)
-- 44th Pathfinders (covet ops behind enemy lines)
-- 44 Para Maintenance Unit

- 3rd Paratrooper Battalion (reserve)

1st South African Infantry Battalion (regular force) is a mechanized infantry unit operating Badger APC's

- Regiment Bloemspruit (inf reserve)

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