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SEA Varna

Last modified: 30 Nov 2019, submitted by: Joker

Country: Bulgaria   

Latitude: 43° 11' 30" N     Longitude: 27° 54' 32" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Varna; Naval Base; homebase for maritime and land-based naval units.
- Naval Force Command A 2 star admiral with staff and operations center;
- Patrolvessel Division with 1 koni class frigate and 3 pauk class corvettes
- Mine Countermeasure Group with 1 tripartite class minehunter, 4 vanya class minesweepers and 6 olya class minesweepers
- Vessel Support Group with 1 degaussing ship, 5 cutters, 1 tanker and 1 rescue vessel

Land based:
- Naval base cmd; a rear admiral with repair & maintenance center
- Coastal Anti-ship Missile Battalion
- Coastal Fundamental CIS Support
- Coastal Information Detachment
- Independent Electronic Surveillance Detachment
- Command, Control and Communications Units
- Armament and Equipment Storage
- Naval academy with 1 training vessel

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