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Last modified: 11 Jan 2012

Country: Iran   

Latitude: 32° 40' 0" N     Longitude: 51° 40' 0" E

Area use / Military Branches: WMD facilities


Esfahan is probably one of Iran's major chemical weapons facilities and home to a number of industrial chemical concerns. Reports suggested that chemical weapons were shipped to Esfahan in 1993 for fitting into Scud-type missiles developed there. Iran was said in US intelligence reports until 2003 to have been continuing to upgrade and expand its chemical warfare production infrastructure and munitions arsenal, which includes blister, blood, choking and VX nerve agents.

The Esfahan area was a major center for Iran's advanced defense industry, with ammo plants, tank overhaul and helicopter and fixed wing aircraft maintenance. The main operational facilities for the army's aviation units are located at Esfahans Khatami airbase NE of the city.

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