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Bushehr nuc plant

Last modified: 30 Apr 2020

Country: Iran   

Latitude: 28° 49' 33" N     Longitude: 50° 53' 16" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Bushehr nuc. reactor. Construction started in 1975 by German companies but work was stopped in 1979 after the Islamic revolution. A contract for finishing the plant was signed between Iran and the Russian Ministry for Atomic Energy in 1995 but was delayed several years by technical and financial challenges as well as by political pressure from the West. In 2006 a renewed agreement was reached in which the Iranians promised to compensate for rising costs and inflation after completion of the plant. Delivery of nuclear fuel started the same year. The plant started adding electricity to the national grid on 3 September 2011 and was officially opened in september.

Proteting AD sites at grid 28 50' 4" N 50 55' 39" E ; 2849'19"N 5053'28"E ; 2849'25"N 5054'3"E and 2850'41"N 5052'46"E

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