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2. AIR / Joint base Andrews

Last modified: 19 Mar 2021, submitted by: Joker

Country: United States    Region: Maryland

Locale: Spring Hill

Latitude: 38° 48' 2" N     Longitude: -77° 7' 14" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


3848'39"N 7652'32"W Joint Base Andrews (JBA) In 2009 former Andrews airbase and Naval Air Facility Washington were merged to form Joint Base Andrews under USAF jurisdiction. JBA is known for being home to the Boeing VC-25 aircraft with callsign Air Force One when the US President is using it.

Past: Andrews briefly became the first home of the Strategic Air Command HQ. Andrews' air defense role was strengthened in the 1950s with the latest in fighter-interceptor hardware appearing on the flightline. F-94 Starfires, F-102 Delta Daggers and finally, F-106 Delta Darts formed the backbone of the three fighter interceptor squadrons which operated from the base until 1963.

Currently based:
- 11th Wing (host unit) Responsible for maintaining emergency reaction rotary-wing airlift and other National Capital Region contingency response capabilities critical to national security. The 11th Wing also provides installation security, services and airfield management to support the US leadership and federal agencies and is operating Bell UH-1N Twin Huey helicopters

- 89th Airlift Wing The US leadership airlift group operating
C-40 Clipper
C-37A Gulfstream
C-32A and
VC-25 (AF one) aircraft

- 79th Medical Wing Responsible for medicare at USAF bases and work sites across Maryland, Washington, D.C and Virginia. Activated on May 10, 2006, it is one of 3 USAF medical wings.

- 113th Wing (SEE: District of Columbia Air NG)
- 459th Air Refueling Wing (AFRES Command)
- HQ, USAF Office of Special Investigations

- 744th Communications Sq SCOPE strategic / tactical C2 system (check SCOPE Offutt for more info about the Scope system).

- Air Force District of Washington (AFDW)
- National Guard Bureau
- Air National Guard Readiness Center (ANGRC)

- Army Jet Detachment
- Civil Air Patrol Andrews Composite Sq

- Fleet Logistics Suppt Sqns 1, 48 and 53 (Navy Reserve)
- Naval Air Facility Washington D.C.
- Naval Communications Security Material Systems
- Maryland State Police Aviation Division (Medevac Helicopter)
- Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

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