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3. ARMY / Fort Leonard Wood

Last modified: 30 Apr 2022, submitted by: Joker

Country: United States    Region: Missouri

Locale: Ft Leonard Wood

Latitude: 37° 43' 57" N     Longitude: -93° 52' 31" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


3742'52"N 92 9'8"W Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri
Established in the early 1940's as a training base. Later also as a POW camp.
In 1984, as part of the BRAC process, most of the Engineer School's operations were consolidated at Fort Leonard Wood.
As of 1999 Chemical Corps and MP Corps schools transferred to Fort Leonard Wood, which was then redesignated USAr Maneuver Support Center; later redesignated again Army Maneuver Support Center of Excellence (MSCOE).
Its remoteness and distance from any metropolitan center have led to it being a.k.a 'Fort Lost in the Woods'

Current units:
- Army Engineer School
- Army CBRN School
- Army MP SChool
- Integrated Base Defense Surveillance Systems Academy
- 102 Training Div.
- NCO Academy
- 43 Adjutant General Bn
- 5 Engineers Bn
- 58 Transportation Bn
- Marine Force Det
- Air Force Det
- Homeland Defence Suppt Office

- Forney Army Airfield (grid 3744'13"N 92 8'1"W is the miitary part of current Waynesville Regional Airport. It still serves as a transport facility for the Ft Leonard Wood Garrison and is also part of the garrison.

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