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7.California state ArNG

Last modified: 02 Feb 2019, submitted by: Joker

Country: United States    Region: California

Locale: dispersed

Latitude: 35° 19' 19" N     Longitude: -121° 15' 57" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


The California state Army National Guard is the land force component of the California National Guard, one of the reserve components of the US Army and part of the US National Guard. The California Army National Guard is composed of about 20,000 military in these units and garrisons:

- Calif ARNG Hq (Sacramento)
- 40th Infantry Division (Mech) at Los Alamitos
- 79th Infantry Brigade Combat Team at San Diego with
-- 2 Infantry battalions; 1 Cavalry squadron; 1 Field Arty battalion; 1 Engineers brigade and 1 Support battalion

- 40th Aviation Brigade at Yosemite Airfield, Fresno 3647'3"N 11943'12"W with
-- 140th Aviation Regt; 3/140th Aviation Regt (US) and 640th Support battalion

- 1st Battalion, 144th Field Artillery Regiment
- 100th Troop Command
-- 223rd Military Intelligence Battalion
-- 250th Military Intelligence Battalion

- 49th Military Police Brigade
--185th Military Police Battalion

- 224th Sustainment Brigade
-- SpecOps Det-North (SOD-N)
-- 5/19th Special Forces Group, A Company

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