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3. ARMY / Fort Rucker

Last modified: 29 Mar 2021, submitted by: Joker

Country: United States    Region: Alabama

Locale: Ft Rucker

Latitude: 31° 19' 23" N     Longitude: -86° 19' 26" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


US Army Fort Rucker garrison is the primary flight training installation for Army Aviators.
Units based:
- Hq Army Aviation Center of Excellence

- 1 Aviation Brigade trains Aviation officers, Warrant officers, and Soldiers with a variety of aviation military occupational specialties in
-- 1st Bn, 13th Aviation Regiment,
-- 1st Bn, 145th Aviation Regiment,
-- Dislocated Ft Huachuca (AZ) 2nd Bn, 13th Aviation Regiment .

- 110 Aviation Brigade with
-- 1-11th Aviation Regiment providing air traffic services for all aviation training for the Army Aviation Center of Excellence
-- 1-14th Aviation Regiment training aviators in the AH-64D/E Apache.
-- 1-223rd Aviation Regiment training aviators and flight engineers in the CH-47D/F CHinook

- 128 Aviation Brigade with
-- 1st Bn, 210th Aviation Regiment trains the Military Occupational Specialties 15F, H, N, R, Y and 151A specialised technical functionalities
-- 2nd Bn, 210th Aviation Regiment trains MOSs 15B, D, G T and U repairing functionalities
-- 1st Bn, 222nd Aviation Regiment is responsible for shaping student Soldiers into members of the Aviation Branch through the lessons of Army Values, Aviation Safety, Warrior Tasks, and Battle Drills, in addition to a solid physical training program.

- USAF 23 Flying Squadron Air Education and Training Command.
USAF's primary source of helicopter pilots for special operations, combat search and rescue, missile support and distinguished visitor airlift missions.

- 164th Theater Airfield Operations Group providings airspace and air traffic services support and expertise
- Air Traffic Services Command
- Aviation Center Logistics Command with Logistics Readiness Center
- Medical Center and other small general support unit

The base has multiple flying facilities at grid
Ft Rucker: 3120′12.29″N 8542′41.53″W
Cairns Army Airfield: 3116′37.77″N 8542′47.27″W
Hanchey Army Heliport: 3120′37.62″N 8539′11.88″W
Knox Army Heliport: 3119′7.65″N 8540′25.16″W
Lowe Army Heliport: 3121′17.63″N 8544′55.35″W
Shell Army Heliport: 3121′45.14″N 8550′56.09″W
Ech Army Heliport: 3123′33.00″N 8545′8.96″W

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