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00. AIR / ACC / Nellis complex ☢

Last modified: 07 Jun 2022, submitted by: Joker

Country: United States    Region: Nevada

Locale: Las Vegas

Latitude: 36° 15' 15" N     Longitude: -115° 1' 51" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


3614'12"N 115 2'34"W Nellis airbase complex, Nevada
Established 1925 and reconstructed in 1940 as Las Vegas Army Airfield, a base for bombing and gunnery. Renamed Las Vegas AFB in 1948 operating a gunnery school. Renamed Nelis AIrbase in the early 1950's and operating as a fighter/bomber training base. Over to Tactical Air Cmd in 1958. Currently the Nellis complex is under Air Combat Cmd jurisdiction. Current units:

- Air Combat Cmd / Hq USAF Warfare Center consisting of:
- 53 WIng / 53 T&E Group with 3 squadrons
- 57 WIng with an Ops,Grp (7 Sqns); Maintenance Grp (3 Sqns); Weapons School (14 Sqns); Advanced Ammo School and the Air Demo Squadron
- 99 Airbase Wing (host) providing support for Nellis and Creech airbases with a Mission Support and a Medical Group.
- 505 Cmd & Contr Wing / 505 Combat Training Group (1 Sqn)

- Nevada Test and Training Range with
- 350 Spectrum Warfare Grp (5 Sqns)
- 850 Spectrum Warfare Grp (3 Sqns)

- 563 Rescue Group (3 Sqns)

- 800 Redhorse Grp (1 Sqn)

- 365 Intel, Surveillance & Recon Grp (2 Sqns)

- 926 Wing (5 Based and 4 Dislocated Sqns)

Nuc Storage
Nellis Area 2 at grid 3615'11"N 11458'14"W is one of the largest active nuclear weapon storages in the US. Activated 1955 as Lake Mead Base. It is supervised by 896th MUNitions Sq and secured by 554th Special Security Squadron which is controlling all entry, exit and movement within and around the WSA ensuring security aspects of air and ground logistical movements. An estimated 775 nuc gravity bombs and appx 600 W80 ALCM warheads seemed to be stored at this location. (dead link)

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