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3. ARMY / Fort Riley

Last modified: 25 Mar 2021, submitted by: Joker

Country: United States    Region: Kansas

Locale: NW of Junction City

Latitude: 39° 6' 14" N     Longitude: -97° 11' 2" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


9 7'26"N 9649'2"W Fort Riley Kansas

Currently based:
- Hq 1st Infantry Division

- 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT) with HHC and
-- 101 Bde Suppt Bn; 1st Bn 16 Inf Regt; 1st Bn 5 Field Arty; 1st Engineers Bn; 1st Sq 4 Cav Regt; 2nd Bn 34 Armor Regt and 3d Bn 66 Armor Regt.

- 2nd ABCT with
-- 1 Bn 7 Field Arty Regt; 1st Comb Arms Bn 18 Inf Regt; 1st Comb Arms Bn 63 Armor Regt; 299 Bde Suppt Bn; 2nd Bn 70 Armor Regt; 82 Bde Engineer Bn; 5 Sq 4 Cav Regt.

- 1st Inf Div Sustainment Bde with
-- Special Troops Bn and 541 Combat Sustainment Suppt BN

- 1st Combat Aviation Brigade with HHC and
-- 1st Attack/Recon Bn 1st Avn Regt; 1 Heavy Attack/Recon Sq 6 Cav Regt; 2 Suppt Avn Bn 1st Avn Regt; 3 Assault Helicopter Bn 1st Avn Regt

- 1st Infantry Division Artillery

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