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2. USSF / Buckley spaceforce base

Last modified: 30 Apr 2022, submitted by: Joker

Country: United States    Region: Colorado

Locale: Aurora

Latitude: 39° 42' 56" N     Longitude: -105° 14' 16" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


3942'23"N 10445'34"W US Space Force Buckley spaceforce base Colorado supports air ops, space-based missile warning capabilities, space surveillance ops, space communications and installation support functions. The base serves Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve and retired personnel.

- Buckley Garrison is responsible for mission and medical support at the base.

- USSF / Space Delta 4 responsible for providing strategic and theater missile warning to the US and its international partners. It operates 3 constellations of Overhead Persistent Infrared (OPIR) satellites and 2 types of Ground-Based Radars (GBRs).
-- Dett 1: DEL 4, Det 1, located at Buckley SFB, Colorado, operates and maintains critical communications paths in support of missile warning operations.

- USSF / 460th Operations Support Squadron (460 OSS) is responsible for operational training and certification of all space professionals assigned to DEL 4, as well as tactics development, engineering support, crew force management and student accessions.

- USSF / 2 Space Warning Squadron (2 SWS) and USSF / 11 Space Warning Squadron (11 SWS) both also at Buckley operate Defense Support Program and Space-Based Infrared System satellites to provide strategic and theater missile warning, while also supporting missile defense, battlespace awareness and technical intelligence.

- USSF / SD 6 / 62d Cyber Squadron: Though assigned to DEL 6, the 62 CS, at Buckley SFB, Colorado, provides Mission Defense Teams that actively protect all Delta mission communications architectures from cyber attack.

- USSF / SD 7 / Det 1, 71st ISR Squadron: Though assigned to DEL 7, the 71 ISRS, Det 1 at Buckley SFB, Colorado, provides intelligence analysis and support to all DEL 4 units in support of both space- and ground-based sensors.

140th Wing ANG (at grid 3942'46"N 10446'0"W) operating F-16C/D's in both air-air / air-ground role. If activated to federal service, 140 Wing is gained by USAF's Air Combat Command.

Air Reserve Personnel Center (ARPC),

Aerospace Data Facility-Colorado Responsible for the command and control of reconnaissance satellites involved in the collection of intelligence information and for the dissemination of that intelligence to other US agencies. The National Security Agency (NSA) Central Security Service (CSS) Colorado Cryptologic Center (CCC) is co-located with ADF-C
- Naval Operational Support Center, Denver
- Army Aviation Support Facility

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