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00. AIR / AFGSC / ICBM 91 field ☢

Last modified: 07 Jun 2022, submitted by: Joker

Country: United States    Region: N Dakota

Locale: 2.5 miles NW of Balfour

Latitude: 47° 58' 3" N     Longitude: -101° 25' 8" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


AFGSC (Minot) / 91st Missile Wing field
Activated 1962 as an ICBM squadron assigned to 455th SMW at Minot airbase (ND) Initially with 50x LGM-30B Minuteman I in 1963.
Reassigned 91st Missile Wing in 1968 and upgraded to LGM-30G Minuteman III in 1968/1969. Operational ever since!

91 MW controls and maintains 5 missile alert facitilies (MAF) each with 10 launch facilities. The unit consists of missile ops flights, responsible for daily ops, maintenance and security and operation support flights,responsible for ensuring tech readiness of the missile alert facilities

System Replacement! SEE 00. AIR / AFGSC / ICBM 341 field ☢

The 91 field Missile Alert Facilities are numbered A-E. Each controlling 10 missiles in their area. The MAF's are at grid:
4758′00″N 10034′51″W (#A1) 4754′31″N 10055′37″W (#B1) 4742′52″N 10100′36″W (#C1)
4747′42″N 10117′54″W (#D1) 4745′02″N 10140′29″W (#E1)

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