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00. AIR / AFGSC / Minot airbase ☢

Last modified: 07 Jun 2022, submitted by: Joker

Country: United States    Region: N Dakota

Locale: Near Minot city

Latitude: 48° 24' 37" N     Longitude: -102° 41' 20" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


4824'193"N 10120'54"W Minot airbase, North Dakota activated 1957 under former Strategic Air Command with several nuc bomb Wings and later Strategic Msl Wings operating ICBM's. Now under AFGSC as one of the remaining nuclear tasked bases.

Current units:
- 8th Air Force / 5th Bomb WIng operating B-52H/I Composed of a Staff; Ops Grp; 2 Bomb Sqns; Ops Suppt Sq; Maint Grp -providing maintenance of B-52H's and support of Minuteman III missiles and UH-1N helicopters- 5th Munitions Sq; Maint Sq, Maint Ops Sq and Aircraft Maint Sq; Mission Suppt Grp; Engineer Sq, Comms Sq, Force Suppt Sq, Security Forces Sq, Contracting Sq; Log Readiness Sq and MediGrp

- 91 Missile Wing operating 150 Minuteman III ICBM's.
-- 582 Helicopter Group / 54th Helicopter Squadron provides helicopter security response for 91st MW at Minot airbase. It supports emergency war order taskings, by transporting tactical response force teams in support of launch facility denial and recapture and convoy operations and also conducts priority passenger and cargo airlift,
-- MW Staff;
-- Ops Grp with 3 Missile Squadrons;
-- Ops Suppt Sq;
-- Maintenance Grp with Missile Maint and Maint Ops Squadrons;
-- SF Grp with 2 Security and a Suppt Squadron

A missile squadron is responsible for 5 flights x 10 missiles. Sites are designated by flight, using a letter and a number. The first site in each flight is #1 designating the Missile Alert Facility (MAF) with an above-ground structure and an underground Launch Control Center (LCC) staffed by 2 officers. The Launch Facilities (i.e. missile silos) are numbered 2 through 11 and are fully automated. They are connected to the MAF/LCC by the Hardened Intersite Cable System (HICS) which also interconnects flights. (SEE: ICBM Minot 91 / 740 field)

SEE: 00. AIR / AFGSC / ICBM 91 field ☢

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