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9. NIKE Seatlle area

Last modified: 27 Apr 2022, submitted by: Joker

Country: United States    Region: Washington

Latitude: 47° 47' 23" N     Longitude: -123° 45' 54" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former Nike missile defense for the Seatlle area. The Nike airdefense shield for the Seattle area in Washington consisted of 12 sites

  1. S-03 Kenmore LA at grid 47 47 24N 122 14 07W (now FEMA Region 10 Hq /USAR Center), IFC at 4746'22"N 12216'29"W
  2. S-13/14 Redmond LA (double site) at grid 4741'2"N 122 4'32"W, Cmd & FC at 4741'6"N 122 6'32"W (now Army NG)
  3. S-20 Cougar Mtn LA at grid 4732'16"N 122 6'42"W (now housing area) IFC at 4731'50.74"N 122 6'49.19"W
  4. S-33 Youngs Lake LA at grid 4727'4"N 122 6'52"W, IFC 4725'43.89"N 122 8'43.70"W (now USAR Center; 104th Div)
  5. S-43 Midway LA at grid 4723'16"N 12217'15"W (now Nike manor), IFC at 47 22 53N 122 17 01W (Army NG)
  6. S-61 Vashon Island LA at grid 4724'39"N 12229'2"W (now Nike Site Park) IFC at 4724'30.25"N 12227'46.94"W
  7. S-62 Ollala LA at grid 4725'11"N 12233'20"W, IFC at 47 25 54N 122 32 24W
  8. S-81 Poulsbo LA at grid 47 45 24N 122 39 37W (shops), IFC at 4743'45.61"N 12237'48.37"W (Raab Park)
  9. S-82 Bainbridge Island LA at grid 47 38 20N 122 32 50W IFC at 4736'28"N 12231'21"W (Eagledale Park)
  10. S-92 Kingston LA at grid 4748'8"N 12230'55"W, IFC at 4748'25.36"N 12229'38.49"W

  1. S-90 DC Ft Lawton was the Command and Missile Master facility at 4739'28.02"N 12224'43.78"W All demolished exept for the remaning FAA radar.
The Nike AD used the Missile Master- Computerized command-and-control operation system with the AN/FSG-1 Missile Master computer system.
Later to be replaced by the solid state "Battery Integrated Radar Display Equipment" (BIRDIE) using an AN/GSG-5(V) computer system. This system was easy to link in the then brandnew USAF SAGE radar network.

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