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7.Florida state ANG

Last modified: 09 Feb 2019, submitted by: Joker

Country: United States    Region: Florida

Locale: Jacksonville

Latitude: 30° 29' 13" N     Longitude: -82° 17' 48" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Florida state Air National Guard is compised of
- HQ at St Francis Bcks (Augustine)
- 125th Fighter Wing operating F-15C/D's at Jacksonville Intl. Airport at grid
3029'14"N 8142'11"W operating F-15C/D and Fairchild C-26 Metroliner
--125th Ops Grp with 159th FS ; 125th Ops Suppt Flt and 125 FW Alert Detachment at Homestead Airbase (See: AFRB Homestead)
--125th Maintenance Grp with 2 squadrons and 1 Ops Flt
--125th Mission Suppt Grp with 4 squadrons and 1 Comms Flt
--125th Medical Grp
- 114th Space Control Sq at Patrick Airbase (See: USAF-SC Patrick) Provides defensive and offensive counter-space and space situational awareness
- 159th Weather Flt; 131st Training Flt and 202nd Red Horse Sqn all at Camp Blanding (See: Army Camp Blanding)
- 290th Joint Comms Suppt Sq at MacDill Airbase See: USAF-AMC Mcdill)

- Det 1 / 325th Fighter Wing (Associated Unit) training unit for ANG operating F-22 Raptor in the air dominance role
- 101st Air and Space Operations Group providing manning for First Air Force's 601st Air Operations Center for operational-level Command and Control (C2) of air and space forces as the focal point for planning, directing, and assessing air and space operations within CONUS NORAD Region (CONR) and USNORTHCOM.
Both units are stationed at Tyndall Airbase (See: USAF-ACC Tyndall)

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